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 Hey there!

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PostSubject: Hey there!   Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:28 pm

Hey guys,

Long time no talk? How is life? I was thinking about you guys, cause there a lot has happend last year and my clan and i are active again on a big server.
You guys were the best ally we had, so i thought... lets see how you guys are doing.

Here is a little history about what happend to me and my clan 'the ShadowguilD'.

After memories we went to l2heroes, this became l2legends, but the amount of players staid low. max 50 members.. and we had some troubles with GM's. After spending 1 year there, we went on and checked out a lot of other servers. Finally we found: l2ownage. Was pretty stable, fun to play, no donations... so we played there a while. Together with Zenai his clan we formed an ally there and we zerged the place. 1000+ players and our ally was killing everyone. We got 2 castles (innadril and dion), but we wanted more.. so we went to Giran and Aden ... At those sieges everything went wrong. The moment we killed everyone of the defending and attacking clan and got in to the throne room.. the server crashed! and not 1 time, not 2 times... but 4 times in a row!

We thought it was some GM involvement and moved on ... we couldn't find any good server and therefor we went looking for another game. Perfect world. Nice game: You can enchant armor, jump, fly.... but pvp and teamwork was really missing. We played for about half a year... and now we are back at lineage 2.

Now we found a server ( with about 2100+ players in busy weekends and 1600 in evenings. It's pretty balanced and it's fun to play. Lots of old players from signs are there as well. They formed a clan with HG and allstarz in it. Without LameBE and Kodex though, just the naabs.

So, what are you guys doing? Still playing the game? If not, may i invite you to join in again some day soon. Maybe just to chat, maybe to play / pvp / pk as well? Smile



1 more little thing:
If you wanna chat some more, maybe with not just me but with some old clanmembers like trivi / rick / vesi... Than you could also register at our 'new' clan forum (already 3 months old.. but well .. didn't tell you the change yet).
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Hey there!
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